Random Acts of Aloha


When working on the cruise ship as a Guest Lecturer, I talk a lot about ALOHA. For most the word Aloha, is a greeting to say Hello or good bye, but from those of us who grew up Hawaiian we know it is so much more. This book talks about Aloha, It also tells the stories of those who have given their Aloha, or received Aloha. It's a feel good journey in our everyday lives. 

 Book excerpt: 

In any given day we can be met by the “good, the bad and the ugly.” We are inundated with the bad, the crime, and the evil that people do to one another, day in and day out. I felt we (collectively) needed to hear about the good and focus on the Aloha. Not just the Aloha that unfolds in Hawai’i, but the Aloha that people share around the world as well. Aloha is everywhere we choose to see it, share it, and act within it.  

One storyteller, Holly Critchley expressed: “I am so grateful to have met Rowena!  Looking for "random acts of aloha" for her book has made such a change in my attitude!  Before Rowena asked for stories, I was always looking for what was wrong with a situation.   Now I'm not only on the look-out for those positive moments instead, but I'm finding that I'm performing my own! No more lost opportunities for Aloha!” 

Sit back, relax, put your feet up, make yourself a Mai Tai   and enjoy this journey of Aloha with me!

Random Acts of Aloha - Hana Hou

Hana Hou means "encore" or "do it again". Hence the second book is in the works. If you have any stories which exhibit the principle of "Aloha" please forward them to me.