T-Shirts and Accessories

I.C.U.P. is an acronym for International Club of Ukulele Players. I know, some people think it's an odd name, and others even thought it bit offensive. However, we I.C.U.P.-ers think it a bit funny to see how people react. We just can't help but smile every time we hear or speak the words! I guess some people just have to find a reason to get upset! We choose smiles!

Each section below has various styles with the designated picture. All T-Shirts have the logo the ICUP logo on the front. 

ICUP Outhouse T shirt

Ukulele Players in da house!

This uni-sex cut T Shirt comes in a variety of colors from basics to jewel tones and pastels too! Sizes XS  to 4XL. Available in Sweat Shirts, T-shirts and some specialty cuts. 

Everything Else

Bags, Hat's, Mugs and ????

Check it out.