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Private Lessons and Workshops are open to anyone who wants to attend. Subscribers receive an extreme discount for all Private Lessons and Workshops. 

Private Lessons

Beginner Lessons
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Introductory Beginner Lessons: This offer consists of two, 30 minute online lessons. Lesson 1, assess how much you know if any, learn basic chords, tips and short cuts for many songs. You will receive homework to practice (practice, practice, practice). Lesson 2: assess how much you have learned, correct anything or add additional short cuts to your playing abilities and point you in the next direction. At this stage you should be able to play along with I.C.U.P. comfortably.

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Custom Private Lesson - 45 minutes
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Customize this lesson to what you would like to learn. Tell us what you want to improve or learn. Please enter pricing based on how many minutes you would like for your lesson. If you are a subscriber the price is discounted to $.50

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Janary 2021 Workshop Slack Key - Ki'ho alu

Hawaiian Slack key or Ki 'ho alu is an alternate tuning played on the guitar. The story has been told over the years, dating back around into the late 1700, that many of the colonizing ships brought different animals as gifts to the foreign lands they hoped to conquer. The initial gifts of animals did not last in Hawaii as they were usually killed, as they were foreign to the native people.  In 1794 British Officer George Vancouver impressed upon Kamehameha to put a 10 year ban on the killing of these cattle. This way the cattle could multiply and flourish. Boy did they multiply and cause havoc as they were eating the homes of the native Hawaiians since they were made of grass.  The ban was finally lifted in 1930. By 1932 our King, Kamehameha III, hired Spanish cowboys to teach the Hawaiian's how to care for the cattle. These paniolo (a Hawaiianization of españoles—"Spaniards") brought their guitars and taught the Hawaiians the rudiments of playing. Upon leaving, the paniolo left their guitars as gift.  Hawaiian's soon realized they did NOT know how to tune them. Hence the Hawaiians developed a style on their own.

This workshop brings to you Brian's unique style of using an alternate tuning on the ukulele. A style style rarely heard, or taught.