Nā mea likeʻole-Various Things

Nā mea likeʻole means stuff, varied things, miscellaneous. Here you will find tuners to strings and other stuff!

Finger Protectors
  • Finger Protectors
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These silicone protectors help to ease your chord hand into playing. As a beginner you are so busy concentrating on strumming, making sure your fingers are on the right chords, and looking at your music. Last thing you need is painful finger pads. These help relieve the pain. As you become more experienced you will use them less and less.

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Ukulele Capo
  • Ukulele Capo
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Make your life easier tool. A capo is a device a musician uses on the neck of a stringed (typically fretted) instrument to transpose and shorten the playable length of the strings.

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External Pick up
  • External Pick up
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You want to amplify your ukulele without buying a new one or drilling holes in your existing one to add a pick up? This is an easier way. It securely mounts to your ukulele. You can use 3m non damage tape or the velcro adhesive strips provided.

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