Lehua (Concert)  or Palala (Tenor)
  • Lehua (Concert)  or Palala (Tenor)
  • Lehua (Concert)  or Palala (Tenor)
  • Lehua (Concert)  or Palala (Tenor)



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This concert size ukulele is extremely down to earth like it's namesake, Lehua, our #3 daughter. The Lehua blossom is borne of the Ohi'a tree, which is the first plant life to grow after a lava flow. The back and sides are Sapele, and the top is Spruce. The neck is Mahogany with a Rosewood bridge. It has a 'wave' shaped head and the shaka sign burned into the body. The tenor size ukulele is down to earth like it's sister Lehua. It is exactly like the Lehua, but the body is a bit larger, but more importantly, for those who have big hands or fat fingers, the fret board has ample space for you. Other than that, the Palala is exactly the same, only larger in size, and a bit more costly, but not much. . It's a great uke for guitar players due to it's larger size. The name Palala means deep resonating or rumbling sound. Free Shipping in Continental US only. For international shipments, please email rowena106@gmail.com

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