"Ti" Leaves of Polynesia

The people of Polynesian use this plant, ti, for many different things. It was planted around one's hale or house to ward off evil spirits. It was plentiful because it would be used in cooking and aesthetically for serving food or beautifying a display of any kind. Soaked in cool water and applied to the forehead would immediately chase away a head ache. If worn around you neck it would immediately cool the entire body. There were and still are many uses for this lei. 

To give a "Ti" leaf lei is a sign of great respect. It is often worn at graduations, weddings and other ceremonial events. It can also be a sign of something lasting, because this lei, if taken care of, can last for a long time. I have an extremely long one, which has been in my freezer for over 6 years. I take it out special occasions, wear and re-freeze it. It was given to me by a special friend who is no longer here. Every time I wear it, it brings me close to my friend. 

Ti leaf comes in various varieties, colors and sizes. The leaves are still used traditionally in making "grass skirts" and lei. It is continued to be decorative and for cooking. Some of the Hawaiians still use it for cooking. They are also used commercially and grace most tropical floral arrangements. 

Maile Style Ti Leaf Lei / Ship USA
  • Maile Style Ti Leaf Lei / Ship USA

Maile Style Ti Leaf Lei / Ship USA

Maile Style Ti Leaf Lei


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