Lava Jam is a collective group of musicians that “jam” together backing up Brian’s energetic sound, a sound which is really “hot” like lava. Over the years many musicians have played with Brian making up Brian Vasquez and Lava Jam. 

Scotty Alcoran

One main stay of Lava Jam over the years is Scotty Alcoran. Scotty is a bass player that is second to none in Brian’s eyes.Scotty is the bass player on several songs on the Hawaiian Sunday CD. Scotty has played with Brian for over 6 years. Together they have mezmeried many. Unfortunately Scotty is unable to travel on a regular basis and has remained on the Big Island. However, it is always a treat when Scotty is able to is back with us, even if it's temporary!

Bucci Canencia

In August 2011, Brian was scheduled to play at the Long Beach Tiki Fest. Lava Jam was not present, so I scurried to find any musicians to back Brian up on stage. A couple of musicians remained on stage from the previous performers, Uncle Lincoln Kaio kakou. After the performance Brian mentioned that he really liked the way the guitarist played. It turned out to be Bucci Canencia! Even more amazing, Brian and Bucci are related!

Bucci has been a musician all his life. He is the guitarist from Hawaii's hottest '70's band, the Crush! Before Bucci relocated to Long Beach, CA, he resided in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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