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Beach in Hawaii @ Boscoe's Lake Forest

Francis O'keefe sits in

Beach In Hawaii

Kapa Crew Live from the Cal 12/11/11

Mahalo Pono Kakou!

The Kapa Crew did a live broadcast from THE CAL in Las Vegas. Jaz interviewed Brian and he played a song, "Keep Kona Country" an original (not recorded yet) for Da Braddahs back home in Kona. Here's to you, Eric, Kauhane, Danny, Kala, Kealoha, and all da oddah braddahs not mentioned!
We had a great time. Ono Grinds at Island Flavors and plenty good fun. David Copperfield wasa  blast, compliments to my "mean" Aunty Maggie Mitchell and her crew at MGM Grand!

Mahalo Kapa Crew or all your "ness'es! 
Jaz for you "edgy-ness"
Kahea for your "pono-ness"
Dar for your "sweet-ness"
Mokes for your "humble-ness"
Kapena for your "party-ness

We just love all ur folks "ness'es"!

Much Aloha!
Brian and Rowena

Oh Girl


Musical Improv Videos!

The first two videos in section are purely improvisational performances. Both videos are the epitome of Pupule Picking!

With Charlie Kiahi "impov" at CA Uke Fest

Charlie Kiaha (and Ilima Russell) host of CA Uke Festival is calling out cords to the audience so they could participate and play rhythm while Brian "pani". This was all done as an improv session. The result? Pupule Picking!

Kamali'i O Ka Po "improv" at Nihonmachi Fest

Charlie Kiaha, MC for Nihonmachi Festival in Japan Town in San Fransico Bay area saw Brian walk by the stage with his ukulele strung over his back. Charlie asked Brian to step on stage and plug in. The song Charlie and Ilima of Moana launched into a song Brian had never really heard, much less ever played. What happened next.....Pupule Picking!

At the California Ukulele Festival on October 1, 2011, Brian taught two workshops which Rowena describes his style as "Pupule Picking". Rowena launches into an explantion and defines the Hawaiian word "pupule" as "out of your head - kind of crazy" vs the Hawaiian word "lolo" which means "stupid in the head". She grins and says: "because that is what Brian does when he picks the strings of his ukulele. He stops thinking about what he is doing (out of his head) and just picks like a madman". 

During the Uke Festival a student. deciding whether to take Brian's class asked: "what is pupule picking?" Brian responded retorically: "have you ever seen a kung fu movie, where the guy just starts kicking, swinging, throwing and moving without thought (student's head bobs up and down in agreement) acting upon the situation instinctively? Well, that is pupule picking....just picking without thought, with the same intensity as a Kung Fu Master". 

When Brian "picks", it is definately unique, intense and without thought......pure action!


Hene Hene Ko Aka

Bradda Braddah Sista Kine (original)


Mr. Magic

Brian At Ohana Ukes

Beach In Hawaii

Surf City Strummers

Beach in Hawaii @ Bongo Bens (Kailua Kona)

Hotel California

Hawaii 78

Ain't No Sunshine

Bring it on Home

Europa (live at Dark Thirty)

Low Rider (Hawaiian Style)

Hotel California

Henehene Kou Aka (Hulaville 9/17/11)

Uehe Ami and Slide (Ragtime) at Jimmy Dukes

42 Euro's having fun!