The Hawaiian Santana! 
At the 2016 Waikoloa Ukulele Festival, Darde Gayamo, radio personality fondly called him the The Hawaiian Santana, because Brian has been known to play a Santana Cover or two. As a matter of fact, he plays covers that stretch from Rock and Roll artist, a little bit of Country, Traditional and contemporary Hawaiian as well as Original compositions. Brian has a unique finger picking style, that jumps (like a flea) all over his Uke and it just makes you feel good. 

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Imua Ukelele Player

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Embark: San Fransisco to Alaska, Disembark: San Fransisco, CA

Intermediate Players only! Play your uke from San Fransisco to Alaska and back on the Star Princess. You will have ukulele classes each day to hone your skills and learn more techniques. Have fun while you learn! Must book through On the Way Travel to be eligible.


Grand Princess

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Port of Los Angeles, CA (Hawaii, Asia)

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