Brian has been called many things, however, the one that comes up the most is "the Hawaiian Santana" because of his ability to play a wicked version of many of Santana hit songs, Europa, Maria Maria, as well as other hits.  Carlos Santana has influenced much Brian's music. However, many great musician have played a part in creating the music which is uniquely Brian. For that manner, many great musicians music has an influence on him. Many of them in his immediate family. His Grandfather Phillip, his biological father, Phillip, his Uncle Danny and his brother, Vincent. Brian took the all the influences and created a sound all his own  "Brian Style". 

Mika'ele Partin of Hawaiian Pacific Radio comments about Brian: His unique style brings the music "alive" to your heart and soul. From his first CD, Hawaiian Sunday to his just release compilation, Kona Daze, you will be mesmerized by his music!

Brian’s music spans many generations and ethnic cultures. It is impossible to listen to his music and keep still. There is something about every song that will move each listener in one way or another. It is amazing how fast his fingers move when he does what the Hawaiians call “pa'ani”, which is an instrumental solo. Brian seems to think in music. It’s like the way most people “think” about what they want to say, then the words pour out of their mouths, with Brian, seems to hear the music and then it pours through his fingers. It is really amazing to watch and experience personally. 

Music seems to come naturally to Brian. His instrument of choice is the "four string ukulele". Hence, whatever Brian plays has a happy tropical feel.Much like dance is natural to Rowena. Brian can play anythng from Hawaiian to Oldies, Rock to Reggae and anthing in between. Take that, and couple it with a some Hula, Rowena, a whole lot of Aloha and you have a great show! 

Rowena is a huge part of the Brian and Rowena team. She is a trained public speaker and an accomplished graceful dancer, painter (see cover of Kona Daze), teacher and overall busiess person. Brian says "If it weren't for my wife, I'd still be playing nightly, in my own home."

Brian and Rowena spend an average of 6 months a year away from their home in Hawaii. They have traveled extensively, entertaining on land and sea. They entertain approximately 6 months of year on Princess Cruise Lines (see schedule).  

One guest wrote"You have not expirienced 'Aloha' until you have had the Brian and Rowena Expirience!"

Brian and Rowena have just released Brian's second CD, Kona Daze. Every song on this CD is purely instrumental. Like his first CD, Hawaiian Sunday, which won 2 Big Island Music Awards, Kona Daze is spellbinding. 

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